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CO2 Scrubbers are designed to connect to a protein skimmer or some other piece of equipment that is currently introducing ambient air into your aquarium. The CO2 absorbing media in the scrubber will effectively strip and capture CO2 from that air that comes in contact with the media.


In many cases, reefers can obtain a noticeable increase in pH, helping to promote maximum coral growth and health. When installing a CO2 Scrubber we highly suggest using a separate pH monitor to watch your pH as it can rise higher than the desired 8.3 pH range.




130mm diameter 520mm high




5000 ml


This package contains:


-The scrubber body

-The top lid

-The bottom aerator lid

-The 1/4 inch airline connector



CO2 Scrubber for skimmer - large 5000ml

Colour Of Base
Colour Of Lids
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